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If you are looking for the fishing experience of a lifetime on one or more of Western Washingtons great salmon and steelhead rivers, then look no further. At River Chrome Guide Service, we offer guided fishing trips and instructional fishing trips on many rivers within close driving distance of Seattle, Tacoma and Everett, including the Nooksack, Skagit, Stillaguamish and many of their smaller yet very productive tributaries. Not only do we offer Puget Sound trips, but we also often venture to Washington's Olympic Peninsula for some of the best salmon and steelhead fishing anywhere. Just tell us what you wish to do and we will hook you up. With many years of full-time fishing experience across the state, we ensure that our high level of experience will make your trip with us a learning experience, bring great memories and lots and lots of fish! Check out our services page for seasons, rates, special deals and additional informaton. We offer an amazing deal for the course of the salmon season from September 1st to November 1st, that says if you do not catch a fish on a trip with us, you will get 50% off that trip at the end of the day! Check the services pages for more information!
River Chrome Guide Service ® 1955 S. Springfield Ct., Bellingham, WA 98229

River Chrome Guide Service specializes in Salmon and Steelhead fishing, which is started off each year by the return of big chinook salmon to our rivers. The first chinook start to show up around the middle of August, with peak time being September 1st through September 31st, and ending in the middle of October. Over the years, we have perfected our technique and scouted many locations to get away from crowds and consistently put clients of large chinook (king) salmon that can reach 40 pounds or bigger, with the average being around 20 pounds. If hooking into a huge, hard fighting king salmon is what your looking for, give me a call and we can set something up for peak season and get you on some big chinook! 
After the end of the chinook run, we immediately start to see good numbers of chrome bright coho salmon entering our river systems. Peak season is September 16th through November 1st. We have many fisheries that produce good numbers of coho, but have narrowed the majority of the fishing down to the large run of both wild and hatchery coho the Skagit River provides. This river consistantly puts out large numbers of fish day in and day out, and we have many days on each river with 30+ hookups on these aerobatic, hard fighting coho, not to mention the limit on the river is 4 per person and coho are arguably the best tasting salmon there is! Contact me if coho is the fish you want, and we will set a date up as close to the peak season as possible.
Once the salmon's journey comes to an end, and they spawn and die, we start to see chrome bright steelhead entering the rivers. Personally, steelhead is my favorite fish to chase, and I have spent many years perfecting my technique. The Skagit River and its tributaries see a great return of hatchery steelhead starting in November and lasting through February. Even though steelhead are a much more difficult fish to find and catch, we rarely have a day without a landed fish, and have had some amazing days over the years with 15+ steelhead hookups. We focus on fishing the Skagit River during the early winter for the hatchery steelhead retention season. As winter progresses, and hatchery fish runs die down in late January, we begin to focus on chasing wild steelhead on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. The OP boasts beautiful scenery, solitude, and trophy wild steelhead. There is no better feeling that landing a beautiful wild steelhead, taking a photo and watching it swim free. 
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